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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: FORUM RULES AND REGULATIONS (Last Updated: 11.11.09)   Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:15 am

We only have a few rules so please adhere to them. Violation of any of these listed rules will warrant a STRIKE WARNING that will be tracked and recorded in your forum profile.

1.) Always do your best to STAY ON-TOPIC.

2.) Flaming, bashing and discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. Respect the band and everyone else.

3.) Avoid spamming (i.e. replying to entries with one or two words only). Making noise is important but spamming in this way is just impractical and disorderly. Should you forget to add something to a previously posted comment/entry, please just edit the entry you've made.

4.) When posting media (pictures, translations, videos, etc.) that is clearly not yours, please credit the owners/sources. If you just found it on the internet and/or you're not sure who made it, please release a disclaimer. PLEASE DO NOT POST MP3s OF THE BAND. This will most likely cause copyright infringement. All articles and translations without proper sources (direct links) will be deleted.

5.) DO NOT use text/SMS language/jargon/syntax and irregular caps (i.e. "do u not want 2 c d dem?" and "TyPiNg LyK DiS") as it is unbecoming and annoying to most people. It is also very hard to read. Yes, we are dead serious about this and you will lose nothing if you follow this rule, anyway. Entries/comments with this type of language will be deleted.

6.) Please keep your signature to a reasonable size (400x210 max!) and only one (1) picture is allowed for every signature. DO NOT USE ANIMATED GIFs on both signatures and avatars -- it's very inconvenient for members with slower connections/computers. All animated gifs and oversized pictures on signatures will be deleted.

7.) There is no age limit in this forum so please keep conversations appropriate for all ages.

8.) Keep the pictures section free from comments. Those are just archives for pictures.

9.) Check the topics posted in sections to avoid double-posting! THINK of APPROPRIATE subject lines for your entries.

10.) Violation of rules and other misconduct done shall result banning or to dropping of membership after three-strike warnings depending on the gravity of the offenses made.

11.) DO NOT use anything from the forum without permission. Layout is copyrighted to The Tokio Hotel Official Philippine Fan Club and

12.) These rules are subject to change as time changes and different needs arise. The community shall be contacted of any changes that may occur.

Thank you! Enjoy the forum and have fun!

- The Tokio Hotel Official Philippine Fan Club Administrators

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